Why Temperature Screening?​​

The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented challenge in protecting the public, staff and businesses against an invisible new threat. Temperature screening is a practical part an effective a COVID-19 risk reduction strategy providing protection and peace of mind.

Why Fever Defense?

  • Non-Contact Temperature Screening​​

    Fever Defence uses an intuitive red & green light stop-go system, combined with audio messages to carry out fast and effective temperature screening. Powered by advanced thermal imaging and AI technology, non-contact facial temperature measurements are taken in 1 second with accuracy up to ±0.3°C.

  • Cloud Management Dashboard

    Fever Defense can function as a standalone temperature screening solution or allow customers connect to our free online platform allowing remote management functionality. Nominated users can remotely review and manage records along with a range of other useful functionality through our secure login portal.

  • Automated Audio Warnings

    Help foster a culture of safety right from your premises entrance with customisable voice messages, such as “Please use hand sanitzer.” Easily editable text to speech voice messages help improve safety awareness and ensure user accessibility. Voice messages can even be set to a range of international languages.

  • Mask Detection

    Fever Defense uses innovative video analytics technology to quickly detect if people entering your premises are wearing a mask, and provides an audible warning when no mask is detected. Automatic mask detection and reminder messaging helps improve compliance with mask safety protocols.

  • Quick & Easy Installation

    Fever Defence is a standalone, easy to install solution that can be quickly implemented in premises with only a power outlet required at the installation location. Fever Defence, does not require professional installation allowing for fast and easy deployment.

  • Privacy Protection Features

    Xenon Fever Defence has been designed with privacy features to help meet privacy privacy policy requirements. These features include full privacy mode where no user data is stored and auto-delete mode where records are deleted after a set number of days.

Protecting Our Clients

"We really didn’t have to ask anyone to check their own temperature, they all use it now as a matter of course as it gives them comfort knowing that they don’t have a temperature and that they can go home to their families with peace of mind"


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